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The Importance of Personal Relationships

We Work for YOU

Offering non-proprietary solutions to serve our clients’  needs is one of the difference makers at Hendershot  Financial Group. We work for the client, not anyone else.  Our mission is to provide comprehensive financial  planning services to our clients, their families, and future  generations. As fiduciaries to our clients, our advisors have a duty to preserve the integrity of that relationship. We act in good faith, doing what is right for you, and putting your best  interests ahead of our own. 

Don't Do it Alone 

With the Hendershot Financial team in your corner, you  will never need to figure it out for yourself. We are passionate about client education, educating not just the  client but their whole family. We know that the whole  family planning approach is an asset. Your entire family  will be involved in the planning process, to some degree.  Involving every family member helps to prevent disconnects that can cause issues down the road.  

Facts are Facts

Our fact-based plans will help you stay on the right track to financial freedom. Your definition of financial success is as individual and unique as you are. As you approach your retirement years, our advisors utilize their skills to create realistic, comprehensive planning solutions to keep you aimed at what is most important to you. Aligning your plan to your goals and ensuring that your goals are attainable for you is an essential part of what we do.

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