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Choose to engage by taking an active role in planning for the future...NOW

People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.

With a finite amount of resources, you make financial choices everyday that can impact your present, short-term and long-term future. You can choose to do one of the following three things with your money:

- Spend It (Present) – Current Obligations, Commitments and Lifestyle
- Save It (Short-Term) – Liquid Savings and Emergency ‘Touch’ Funds
- Invest It (Long-Term) – Retirement and Other Future Obligations/Goals

Making the decision to invest in your long-term future NOW is the first step to a successful retirement plan.

Let Time Work for You

When it comes to investing, time can be your ally. That’s because the longer you invest, the longer your money has to grow and compound. The power of compounding is the single most important reason for starting to invest right now.

The earlier your investments begin to compound, the easier it is to reach your goals:

The chart is for illustration purposes only and should not be considered a projection of potential returns on any particular investment. All withdrawals are subject to federal income tax in the year they are withdrawn. A penalty tax may be imposed for early withdrawals.